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3d Glossy Green Orbs Icons Animals

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Click the icons to download individually, or download the complete set in one zip below.

  • Long Legged Spider (Spiders) Icon #103133Long Legged Spider (Spiders) Icon #103133
  • Majestic Eagle (Eagles) Icon #103030Majestic Eagle (Eagles) Icon #103030
  • Baby Seahorse (Seahorses) Icon #103123Baby Seahorse (Seahorses) Icon #103123
  • Wolf (Wolves) Icon #103140Wolf (Wolves) Icon #103140
  • Dog (Dogs) Paw Print Icon #103066Dog (Dogs) Paw Print Icon #103066
  • Ladybug in Flight Icon #103098Ladybug in Flight Icon #103098
  • Snake (Snakes) Icon #103130Snake (Snakes) Icon #103130
  • Giraffe Sketch Icon #103090Giraffe Sketch Icon #103090
  • One Horned Rhinoceros Icon #103092One Horned Rhinoceros Icon #103092
  • Giraffe Icon #103089Giraffe Icon #103089
  • Spiderweb Icon #103145Spiderweb Icon #103145
  • Walking Monkey (Monkeys) Icon #103113Walking Monkey (Monkeys) Icon #103113
  • Spiral Sea shell (Sea Shells) Icon #103126Spiral Sea shell (Sea Shells) Icon #103126
  • Bull (Bulls) Face Icon #103035Bull (Bulls) Face Icon #103035
  • Walking Bear (Bears) Icon #103025Walking Bear (Bears) Icon #103025
  • Seahorse (Seahorses) Icon #103122Seahorse (Seahorses) Icon #103122
  • Dog Paw Prints Icon #103143Dog Paw Prints Icon #103143
  • Stegosaurus Icon #103065Stegosaurus Icon #103065
  • Open Wings Bird Icon #103028Open Wings Bird Icon #103028
  • Mountain Lion (Lions) Icon #103107Mountain Lion (Lions) Icon #103107
  • Small Sea shell Icon  #103127Small Sea shell Icon #103127
  • Dog (Dogs) Face Icon #103070Dog (Dogs) Face Icon #103070
  • Bear (Bears) Face Icon #103024Bear (Bears) Face Icon #103024
  • Male Lion (Lions) Icon #103105Male Lion (Lions) Icon #103105
  • Butterfly (Butterflies) Sketch Icon #103038Butterfly (Butterflies) Sketch Icon #103038
  • Striped Lizard (Lizards) Icon #103108Striped Lizard (Lizards) Icon #103108
  • Cartoon Hamster (Hamsters) Icon #103091Cartoon Hamster (Hamsters) Icon #103091
  • Spotted Turtle (Turtles) Icon #103137Spotted Turtle (Turtles) Icon #103137
  • Hanging Monkey (Monkeys) Icon #103112Hanging Monkey (Monkeys) Icon #103112
  • Bird (Birds) In Flight Icon #103027Bird (Birds) In Flight Icon #103027
  • Crocodile (Crocodiles) Icon #103058Crocodile (Crocodiles) Icon #103058
  • Cartoon Ant (Ants) Icon #103022Cartoon Ant (Ants) Icon #103022
  • Unicorn (Unicorns) Icon #103138Unicorn (Unicorns) Icon #103138
  • Eagle (Eagles) Icon #103029Eagle (Eagles) Icon #103029
  • Buck (Bucks) Icon #103061Buck (Bucks) Icon #103061
  • Bactrian Camel (Camels) Icon #103040Bactrian Camel (Camels) Icon #103040
  • Hello Kitty Icon Style1 #103047Hello Kitty Icon Style1 #103047
  • Cow (Cows) Face Icon #103056Cow (Cows) Face Icon #103056
  • Bull (Bulls) Icon #103036Bull (Bulls) Icon #103036
  • Rabbit (Rabbits) Icon #103120Rabbit (Rabbits) Icon #103120
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14 comments on “3d Glossy Green Orbs Icons Animals

  1. Josh says:

    I don’t really think many people need animal icons – but the business ones (like the blue or pink orbs) would be awesome. This whole glossy orb icon set is awesome, can you make the green ones – as many as there are blue or pink?

    January 6, 2010 11:39 am
    1. Lita says:

      Glad you like our green orb icons. We appreciate your suggestions and we will keep them in mind for future updates.

      January 10, 2010 12:32 am
    1. Lita says:

      Hi Manuel, I don’t know how to use these icons in your IM, although your IM app might provide an instruction on how it’s done. Also, doing a google search might give you some helpful tutorials. Good luck!

      June 15, 2011 8:34 pm

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    CSS Brigit | 3d Glossy Green Orbs Icons – Animals

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