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3d Glossy Green Orbs Icons Transport Travel

Click the icons to download individually, or download the complete set in one zip below.

  • Jeep (Jeeps) Icon #104757Jeep (Jeeps) Icon #104757
  • County Transit Vehicle Icon #104787County Transit Vehicle Icon #104787
  • Helicopter Image Icon Style1 #104772Helicopter Image Icon Style1 #104772
  • Star Trek Space Ship (Spacecraft) Icon #104727Star Trek Space Ship (Spacecraft) Icon #104727
  • Airplane at Take Off Icon #104735Airplane at Take Off Icon #104735
  • Bulldozer (Bulldozers) Icon #104731Bulldozer (Bulldozers) Icon #104731
  • Double Decker Bus (Buses) Icon #104754Double Decker Bus (Buses) Icon #104754
  • Fighter Jet (Jets) Icon #104775Fighter Jet (Jets) Icon #104775
  • Airport (Airports) Icon #104733Airport (Airports) Icon #104733
  • Ancient Sailing Ship (Ships) Icon Style 2 #104789Ancient Sailing Ship (Ships) Icon Style 2 #104789
  • Detailed Tractor Icon #104732Detailed Tractor Icon #104732
  • Train Car with Ladders Icon #104799Train Car with Ladders Icon #104799
  • Direction Compass Icon #104719Direction Compass Icon #104719
  • Railroad Locomotive Icon #104795Railroad Locomotive Icon #104795
  • School Bus (Buses) Icon #104753School Bus (Buses) Icon #104753
  • Ferry (Ferries) Icon #104790Ferry (Ferries) Icon #104790
  • Space Shuttle Icon #104723Space Shuttle Icon #104723
  • Public Bus Transportation Icon #104809Public Bus Transportation Icon #104809
  • Traffic Helicopter (Helicopters) Icon #104774Traffic Helicopter (Helicopters) Icon #104774
  • Passenger Train Transit Icon #104801Passenger Train Transit Icon #104801
  • Antique Vehicle (Vehicles) Icon #104764Antique Vehicle (Vehicles) Icon #104764
  • Fighter Jet (Jets) Icon Style1 #104739Fighter Jet (Jets) Icon Style1 #104739
  • Cartoon Helicopter (Helicopters) Icon  #104769Cartoon Helicopter (Helicopters) Icon #104769
  • Material Transport Train Car (Cars) Icon #104798Material Transport Train Car (Cars) Icon #104798
  • Ship Anchor (Anchors) Icon #104712Ship Anchor (Anchors) Icon #104712
  • Helicopter Image Icon Style2 #104773Helicopter Image Icon Style2 #104773
  • Big Rig Truck (Trucks) Icon #104804Big Rig Truck (Trucks) Icon #104804
  • Big Wheel Truck Icon #104808Big Wheel Truck Icon #104808
  • Boat (Boats) Icon #104752Boat (Boats) Icon #104752
  • Car Wheel (Wheels) Icon #104811Car Wheel (Wheels) Icon #104811
  • Ship Wheel (Wheel) Icon #104721Ship Wheel (Wheel) Icon #104721
  • Sports Car (Cars) Icon #104766Sports Car (Cars) Icon #104766
  • Fighter Jet (Jets) Icon Style3 #104741Fighter Jet (Jets) Icon Style3 #104741
  • Medical Service Vehicle Icon #104780Medical Service Vehicle Icon #104780
  • Auto Repair Shop (Shops) Icon #104765Auto Repair Shop (Shops) Icon #104765
  • Sailboat (Sailboats) Icon #104784Sailboat (Sailboats) Icon #104784
  • Vehicle Tire (Tires) Icon #104729Vehicle Tire (Tires) Icon #104729
  • Race Car Icon #104778Race Car Icon #104778
  • Public Transit Icon #104755Public Transit Icon #104755
  • Fighter Jet (Jets) Icon Style2 #104740Fighter Jet (Jets) Icon Style2 #104740
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12 comments on “3d Glossy Green Orbs Icons Transport Travel

    1. Lita says:

      Wow…thanks for writing great things about what we do. You are so kind!!! I best get busy and spread what you started. Thanks again!!!

      January 12, 2011 8:38 pm
  1. Salman Riaz says:

    Wonderful work and Free.
    Love it.
    Can I use it in my commercial projects? They are too much valuable for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    February 18, 2011 7:21 am
  2. Alex says:

    These icons are great, man. I had a question related to copyrights. I have an upcoming website where these icons would look amazing… the theme of the website is based on the color green. Is there any payment you guys require before I can use these? I look forward to hearing from you.

    November 3, 2011 11:04 pm
  3. Thabo says:

    Thank you for your icons they look great and I like the fact that just because they are free doesnt mean they have less quality. Top Class

    January 11, 2012 2:59 am

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