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Glossy Waxed Wood Icons People Things

Click the icons to download individually, or download the complete set in one zip below.

  • Broken Scissors Icon #063111Broken Scissors Icon #063111
  • Staircase with Handrail Icon #063127Staircase with Handrail Icon #063127
  • Walking Man (Men) Icon #063083Walking Man (Men) Icon #063083
  • Swap Clothes Icon #063128Swap Clothes Icon #063128
  • Watering Can (Cans) Icon #063139Watering Can (Cans) Icon #063139
  • Person Sitting Icon #063092Person Sitting Icon #063092
  • Pedestal Sink (Sinks) Icon #063120Pedestal Sink (Sinks) Icon #063120
  • Man Symbol Icon #063082Man Symbol Icon #063082
  • Chest of Drawers (Drawer) Icon #062994Chest of Drawers (Drawer) Icon #062994
  • Swiss Army Knife (Knives) Icon #063047Swiss Army Knife (Knives) Icon #063047
  • Dining Table (Tables) Icon #063131Dining Table (Tables) Icon #063131
  • Water Well Icon #063137Water Well Icon #063137
  • Drinking Tap Water Icon #063015Drinking Tap Water Icon #063015
  • Audience Icon #063066Audience Icon #063066
  • Pair of Shorts Icon #063119Pair of Shorts Icon #063119
  • Sun Glasses Icon #063020Sun Glasses Icon #063020
  • Small Umbrella (Umbrellas) Icon #063135Small Umbrella (Umbrellas) Icon #063135
  • Telescope (Telescopes) Icon #063132Telescope (Telescopes) Icon #063132
  • Showering Man Icon #063090Showering Man Icon #063090
  • Chalkboard (Chalkboards) Icon #063001Chalkboard (Chalkboards) Icon #063001
  • Hat with Ribbon (Ribbons) Icon #063043Hat with Ribbon (Ribbons) Icon #063043
  • Rounded Watering Can (Cans) Icon #063138Rounded Watering Can (Cans) Icon #063138
  • Dressmaker Scissors Icon #063110Dressmaker Scissors Icon #063110
  • Wheelchair (Wheelchairs) Icon #063035Wheelchair (Wheelchairs) Icon #063035
  • Family of Two Icon #063085Family of Two Icon #063085
  • Framed Artwork Icon #063104Framed Artwork Icon #063104
  • Floor Lamp Icon #063054Floor Lamp Icon #063054
  • Eye and Eyebrow Icon #063010Eye and Eyebrow Icon #063010
  • Full Lips Icon #063057Full Lips Icon #063057
  • Big Eye (Eyes) Icon #063011Big Eye (Eyes) Icon #063011
  • Woman (Women) Standing Icon #063098Woman (Women) Standing Icon #063098
  • Diploma (Diplomas) Icon #063007Diploma (Diplomas) Icon #063007
  • Graduation Cap (Caps) Icon #063039Graduation Cap (Caps) Icon #063039
  • Clear Peace Hand Icon #063028Clear Peace Hand Icon #063028
  • Pants Icon #063064Pants Icon #063064
  • Graduation Hat Icon #063041Graduation Hat Icon #063041
  • Person Talking Icon #063125Person Talking Icon #063125
  • Retro Lamp Icon #063050Retro Lamp Icon #063050
  • Mascara Eye Icon #063012Mascara Eye Icon #063012
  • Briefcase Icon #062990Briefcase Icon #062990
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8 comments on “Glossy Waxed Wood Icons People Things

  1. Lita says:

    @Jairo Andres

    You’re welcome. . . glad to hear you like our people and things wood icons! :)

    June 20, 2009 1:01 pm
  2. Jairo Andres says:

    Not just those, i like all icons on this great website¡¡ is just amazing, thanks a lot for your work… unfortunally i have no much free time to watch them all.

    At least i can help following you on twitter XD

    June 23, 2009 11:39 pm
  3. Lita says:

    @Jairo Andres ~ Wow. . . we accept your compliments with open arms and our design team is all smile right now. Yes, keep following us on twitter, we do plan to release new stuff often. We trully appreciate your kind words, thank you! :)

    June 24, 2009 5:14 pm
  4. Ruana says:

    Exactly what I need for the website of a group of italian friends of mine (they do celtic reenactment).
    What makes your work stand out so much is not only the high quality of the icons but also the quantity. Opposite to many icon designers your icon sets provide me with icons for almost every occasion that I can think of. And that’s exceptional, generous and highly appreciated!
    Merry Christmas and a lucky year 2010. Ruana.

    December 22, 2009 10:33 pm

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